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  • I had a basic understanding of my blog & website going into the Blogging Bootcamp Course. But I knew since I was essentially self-taught, that I was missing some key pieces of the puzzle. Bow, Howdy, was I right! Hope & The Purple Teacup helped me generate a list of over 100 blog articles to write, how to keyword them well and how to make sure the SEO was on point before releasing it to the world! I know there is still more I need to know (the course was just a few short months after all), but I’ve got a better handle on what it all means! And I’ve also got a seat in her Advanced Blogging classes, too ?  - Jamie Makin
  • Hope at The Purple Teacup is the best! She answered all of my questions quickly despite having 50 other students to help. Her course is easy to follow, even someone like me with no blogging knowledge was able to put together a successful blog and launch before the course ended. I highly recommend The Purple Teacup to help you set up your next blog! - Monica Preston
  • 5
    The Purple Teacup took the guesswork out of SEO and blog security by breaking down the topic into bite size chunks for a step by step guide. By the end of the course, I felt more confident in the safety of my blog and my ability to be found in search engines. Highly recommend this course for any blogger! - Angie Tucker
  • 5
    The Purple Teacup is the absolute best place to go if you want to be a blogger. Anyone can pay to have a blog built for them, but not everyone knows how to manage it. Hope is everything. She teaches you how to build from the ground up. BUT she also teaches you HOW to succeed! How often to post, what type of content will perform, and how to promote. It’s all here. Then, as you grow, she continues to help you in the form of advanced material! Blogging has been on my wishlist for years and within a few months of learning The Purple Teacup exists I HAVE A BLOG! - Rebekah Svensson
  • 5
    Hope is fantastic to work with. Not only is she knows her stuff and she is continually trying new things, and learning what is best to benefit all of us. IF she finds new tools or something free that works the same as a paid option she is always sharing with us. I LOVE working with her and growing my blog based on her wisdom. I can't wait to finish all the Advanced Blogging Bootcamps! - Joni Kinney
  • Hope is there for you whether you are a beginner Blogger or super Blogger! - Hurley Thurston
  • Hope is knowledgeable & patient! She is so helpful at getting new blogs up and running, and guiding you in the right direction! - Stephanie Brusseau
  • Hope is the perfect combo of technical skills and motivator. She leads by example and gives you the tools to succeed. Highly recommend her and can’t wait to work with her more! - Stacy Osland
  • Hope is a fabulous, knowledgeable & totally relatable teacher. She is absolutely perfect for the novice blog builder and I cannot recommend her enough. If it wasn't for hope, I would not be able to start this blogging adventure. -  Lacey Dawn Matkins

FREE E-Course: 7 days to launch a blog

FREE E-Course:  7 days to launch a blog

Are you keeping up with your blog

Are you keeping up with your blog